Calabria and its wines have been subject to many influences over the centuries, most notably that of the ancient Greeks, who cultivated the first wine-bearing vines here.

Calabria is the region with the most native grape varieties and perfect pedoclimatic conditions: in the North, up onto the Pollino massif on the border with Basilicata, an increasing number of vineyards are enjoying the famously healthy day-night temperature swings. 

The close proximity of the Mediterranean is important to the terroir of all the Calabrian wines, as the mass of water helps to moderate the intense heat of the south Italian summer. The cooling and heating of the land over the course of a summer day causes morning and afternoon breezes, which moreover minimize the risk of fungal vine diseases and further improve the climate’s suitability for quality viticulture.

These specific conditions favours Gaglioppo and Greco Nero grape varieties for their red wines, and make their whites predominantly from Greco Bianco, TrebbianoToscano and Malvasia Bianca. Sicilian varieties such as red NerelloMascalese and Nerello Cappuccio, and white Ansonica, are increasingly popular and suit the Calabrian terroir.

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